Washington Wolfpack-What You Need To Know

Updated February 25, 2024

Building a Team

The Arena Football League allows teams to bring up to 35 players to training camp, which begins on April 1st, 2024.  

Teams have until the first game to reduce their roster to 24 players.  21 players are active for the game and 3 players are designated as in-active for the game.  

The Washington Wolfpack have signed 26 players to its roster as of February 25th.

Current Team Roster


Jacob "JT" Ta'ase

Rodney Raines


Lood Thompson

Malik Braxton

Bryan Sarnowski

Baxter Patrick

Offensive Line/Defensive Line

Jake Oliphant

Shelton Williams

Max Kuzyuberdin

Tank Brewster

Dave Turner

Ilia Nikitin

Tight End/Defensive End

Caleb Wells

Deshon Williams

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back

JR Nelson

Austin Joyner

Brandon Wellington

Darryl Thompson

Vincent Wilkerson

Anthony Allen

Tanner Fahey

Ijaaz Rashid

Bryce Stewart

Wesley Gray

Aron Mulugheta


Wyatt Paul

What Are The Game Rules?

Arena Football is played with 8 players on offense and 8 players on defense.  The game is played on a football field that has the same dimensions as a hockey rink (50 yards long) and the padded boards that surround the field serve as the out of bounds marker.  The Arena Football League is adopting the "Ironman" Football rules that the league played under for nearly two decades.  6 out of the 8 players play both offense and defense with 2 players (typically the Quarterback and a Wide Receiver) serve as "Offensive Specialists" and only play offense.  2 players on defense are then designated as "Defensive Specialists".  

There are a couple unique ways to score points in the Arena Football League that are not found in most other football leagues.  On a kickoff, if the Kicker kicks the ball through the Field Goal posts, the team is awarded 2 points.  Additionally, if a kicker dropkicks the ball for an extra point or field goal, the team is awarded 1 additional point.  

Ticket Information

Home games will be played at the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett.  

We are currently working through our season ticket waitlist and getting tickets assigned and payment information collected.  Click on our ticket page for more information on season tickets and pricing.  

Single game tickets will be available soon.